KMS BETHEL MUSIC ACADEMY NO. 6, 1st Floor , 3rd Main Near icici ATM & REVA College Jaladarshini Layout, New Bel Road, RMV 2nd Stage Bangalore-94 Ph : +91-9242197141 / 9481178453

KMS Bethel Music Academy   ( Reg Trust)  
KMS Bethel Music Academy and Fine Arts (registered trust)
KMS Bethel Music Academy and Fine Arts (registered trust) caters to education of Eastern and Western style classical music. This is to create better knowledge and understanding of music and serve people in the field of fine art socially, educationally and physically.
KMS Bethel Music Academy is not like any other music school. It is different from other schools from the standard of tutoring. This is applicable in symphony orchestra based musical instruments such as piano, strings, woodwind/brass & percussion instruments, electronic musical instruments and vocal classes in western classical and classical Indian styles. Western classical music is a very interesting stream of music. Through dedication and hard work, orchestra style of playing music can be learnt by youngsters.
Presently, there is a perception that classical western music is too distant and esoteric for them. We want to teach young musicians how to play within an orchestra. We want to build a repertoire of musicians who can play western instruments as expertly as the Sitar or Tabla. Our talented young musicians head for London to learn western classical music. We want to give a certain legitimacy to western classical music in our country. We think the time for India in the western world is now.
KMS Bethel Music Academy has dedicated teachers who provide each student individual attention. As a result of this personalized attention, more than 200 students have been trained since we started the school. As a result, newly joined students start to play the instruments very fast with great ease and fun. We train for certificate Examinations, Grade levels with Trinity college of London-International Examinations board .
KMS Bethel Music Academy has a great place with an ambience and area which is very cool and special assisting in enjoyable learning.
Are you looking for enriching and comprehending music courses?
We offer Instrumental & Vocal Courses for Western Classical & Indian Classical music styles.
Structured learning modules for both beginners & experienced players. Ably assisted by experienced teachers.
Traditional staff-notation based long-term courses for serious students of music. Subsequently, they can also take up grade level Exams.
Classical Music can creat new standard for musicians
Classical Music can create new standards for musicians. Developing literacy with the tonal language forms a key part of a rounded education for performers, composers and listeners of all kinds. An understanding of how written symbols relate to the elements of music along with the skills to interpret and translate them into sounds empowers us to communicate and experience music in a meaningful way. It is impossible for classical musicians to access their repertoire with ease or to rehearse together without the knowledge of notation. This repertoire could not be heard at all if composers were ignorant about reading notation based music. So, music theory is a very practical subject that is completely entwined with performance and composition.
KMS Bethel Music Academy. Launched Software Products
KMS Bethel Music Academy is also offering training facilities in cutting edge music software such as Sibelius 6, Musition-4, Auralia-4 & Groovy Music etc..
Sibelius 6 is a giant leap forward in music notation software-with amazing new features and improvements for educators, students, composers, arrangers, copyists and musicians off all Kinds
We would earnestly seek you to be a part of our vision to carry music to the lives that are unable to enjoy standard levels of music & art. We welcome volunteers, donors to support us to work with KMS BSM in our endeavor to enrich lives by helping downtrodden children’s & families.
We are also doing charitable works for blind people in Karnataka and India, welcome all volunteers and donors to contribute encourage to support KMS BETHEL Trust for this cause to help nearly 500 Blind families in Bangalore.
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