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Teaching Faculty
KMS Bethel Music Academy  ( Reg Trust)  
Teaching Faculty
Our teaching staff is qualified grade levels professionals who have been worked with symphony orchestra also performed internationally hence learning under such an experienced instructors will give you a practical advantage.                  
Courses Category  : western classical ,Eastern classical
Western Classicals:
Eastern and Indian Classicals:
Instruments / Instructors
Instruments / Instructors
Piano                             :
Mr. Rajesh
Organ / Keyboard          :
Mr. Michael / Mr. Vinay K. Mathew
Woodwinds / Brass        :
Mr. Rufus
Saxophone/Trumpet      :
Mr. Rupesh, J.C.Mathew
Flute / Clarinet / Horns   :
Mr. James D.
Guitars                           :
Mr. Babu Joseph / Mr..James D.
Classical Guitar             :
Mr. Daniel
Violin / Viola / Cello      :
Mr. Binai George / Mr. Rupesh & Mr..James D.
Percussions / Drums      :
Mr. Vinay K. Mathew
Veena                           :
Mrs. Bimba
Sitar                              :
Mr. Vijay
Flute                              :
Mr. Pampapathi
Violin                             :
Mr. Alex
Tabla                             :
Mr. Chandrashekar / Mr. Shanmuk
Vocal Singing                :
Mr. Mahesh (Hindustani Classical) Mrs. Gayatri Krishnamurthy (Carnatic)
Classes are conducted both for individuals and groups
Working Hours : Monday to Saturday
10 am to 01 pm
03 pm to 08 pm
Optional Classes on Sundays
Benefits of Music:

The great Beethoven (1770 - 1827) said that music is a revelation, higher than all Science and Philosophy.
Music develops the intelligence, imagination and the creative faculties. It appeals to our confidence. Listening to good music results in the cleansing and purification of the heart. Music develops the powers of balanced thinking. It enables the individual to develop a sense of humanity. The KMS BSM Family of Musical Artists strive to mould present & future model musicians. Music is a veritable elixir & has the unique capacity of giving one, the much needed tranquility of Mental Peace.  
The music industry is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. The rise of the entertainment needs of television and radio audiences have spurred career opportunities for budding music artists. In the media industry of India, there has been a marked improvement in the demand for professionals in this field. Nowadays, more & more youngsters and professionals are aiming towards building a lucrative career in the music industry. This was unlike some years back when music was merely considered to be a hobby.
The Indian Entertainment Industry is flourishing and expanding at an alarming rate. Talent Contests and Musical shows organized from time to time by major Television channels have been major contributors in recognizing talented performers, singers and artists. These shows have been successful in providing a strong platform to budding artists so that they can come forward and showcase their talents. Many of these unknown faces, voices and names have found recognition as well as work, helping them to achieve their career dreams on a serious note.
The music Industry has opened a plethora of career opportunities for people who have the talent and interest in this vast and likeable Industry.
Music pleases God; hence its important to learn Music Professionally.
Why advance in music learning?

•  Performances with school bands and symphony Orchestra
•  Certificate by Trinity College of London
•  Platform and Performance opportunities

Music is International

Music is international and knows no barriers of religion, race, caste, creed or dogma. It is the international road to world harmony. Musicians are citizens of the world in the real sense of the term. They contribute to human happiness in a large measure. They are members of a world brotherhood. They shed lustre around them wherever they go. They are able to please all types of people, from the prince to the peasant. They belong to the world and not to any particular country limited by geographical barriers. When music comes to be universally studied and practiced, there will be far less crime in this world and the earth will be a happier place to live in.

Musicians are the glories of the human species. They contribute to the health of a nation. Through their music, they remove the root causes of diseases in men.


Are you really a music lover and enthusiastic about music? Do you like a place where there is music? KMS BSM offers its volunteers to be a part of its school and a chance to be associated with all the activities.
Our Future Plans for KMS music school :
Infrastructure Development
Teaching Studios
Concert Hall
Facilities for residential planning
Recording studio
The KMS BSM is a committed to the education of classical music both in Eastern & Western styles and towards creating a better understanding world discipline. We invite whole hearted support in any of the below categories:
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KMS Bethel Trust.
A/c No : CBCA-1000227


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